4 Make-Up Sex Positions That Will Let Him Know There’s Still A Lot of Work to be Done

So you and your dude finally talked out your problems, and now all that emotional intimacy has you ready to seal the deal with some hot make-up sex. Not so fast, sister: Sure, you deserve to have a good fuck after all that apologizing, but you don’t want him thinking that this bone-fest means the conversation is over. Here are five steamy sex positions that will let him know that the road to rebuilding your relationship is going to be a long one:


Missionary with Sustained Eye Contact

Though it might seem a little boring, missionary sex can be great after all that intense emotional work. To instill just a little bit of fear back into the situation, look directly at him while he rails you. Even if you feel inclined to shut your eyes, don’t! The sustained eye contact will let him know that you’re looking for him to become a more emotionally available boyfriend and sex partner and even though he’s inside you, he’s not out of the woods yet.


The Seesaw

For this playful position, have your partner sit on the edge of the bed while you straddle him. Not only is this sexy balancing act intensely pleasurable, but the effort it takes to pull it off reflects the amount of effort he’ll need to put in to openly communicating about his feelings instead of using one word answers all the time. If he gets defensive about how difficult it is, be ready to pull out at any moment.



Now that you’ve set clear boundaries regarding the language surrounding your relationship, you can ride him like the cowgirl you are! Because you’ll be in total control, you can remind him with each thrust that you would like to be introduced to the people in his life as your girlfriend and that this is a relationship you are both fully committed to and not just some sexy fling he can dismiss when he feels like it.




With both of you going down each other at the same time, you’ll signal to him that you are equals in this partnership who care about each other’s needs. Just as he understands the balance between two partners giving each other oral sex, he’ll understand that you were serious when you told him that next time you have to hang out with his boring friends from college, he has to take some time out of his weekend to grab cocktails with your girlfriends who he “doesn’t get along with.”


Use these sexy moves to show your guy a good time in bed all while letting him know that if he wants these good times to continue, he has to put in the work. Plus, maybe all these erotic mind games will finally make you cum!