How To Be A Supportive Friend While Still Derailing Her Diet

Which characteristics make a great friend? Loyalty, reliability, empathy and, supportiveness in times of need. So when your girlfriend is in trouble, it’s important to be there by her side while also completely sabotaging her diet. Here’s how to show your friend you totally have her while simultaneously sending her diet off the rails with a bag of doughnuts.


Bring over an activity your friend might enjoy, like cupcake or cookie decorating.

As a supportive friend, show your pal that you value her interests and want to try out the activities she enjoys. Whether it’s tennis, hiking, or knitting, you can show her you’re up for anything, but you should only suggest cupcake or cookie decorating. If she says no, don’t worry. There are plenty of other bonding activities to try: tour a chocolate factory, fry up a case of Oreos, make the rounds three times at Whole Foods to make sure you get all the free samples, or just hang at her place so you can discreetly throw out all her vegetables.


Be generous with your time and portion sizes.

A primary rule for being a supportive friend is making time for her in your busy schedule, which is actually a double-benefit, because the more time you spend with her, the more time you have to feed her. So the next time your bestie is facing something serious, invite her over and give her the comfort of your company, plus several types of candy that are not a part of her diet plan. Before she leaves, stuff more in her purse.



Encourage her to see a new point of view—and the dessert menu.

A great friend is a skilled listener, equipped to reframe problems and provide an alternate way of thinking. For example, you might ask “Why do you feel this way?” or “Do you want cheesecake?” She may respond, “No thanks. I don’t need dessert,” which you can then reframe as “I want dessert.”


Celebrate her wins with a special gift: a double subscription to a cheese of the month club.

Friendship isn’t only about helping your gal through the hard times. It’s about being there when she’s happy as well, and joining her in celebrating her wins. So next time your friend gets a big promotion or reaches a milestone she’s been working toward (say, hitting a goal weight), give her something special, specifically a double-subscription to a cheese of the month club so she can enjoy a special monthly cheese… twice!


Being a supportive friend takes dedication, but if you love your friend, it’s worth the work. After all, there’s nothing better than being there for someone you love while also sabotaging her diet plan. Just remember: true friendship is forever and all fries you order are for the table.