The Best Side-Boob Tattoos For Honoring Your Dead Relatives

You’re a woman of substance who believes that family comes first. To show your deceased family members in heaven and your friends on Facebook how much you care, there’s no better way than a permanent tribute on the most respectful part of your boob. Here are the best side-boob tattoos perfect to serve as an homage to those you’ve lost.


A Lily For Your Aunt

This traditional mourning flower will look great curving around your left breast as a solemn yet sexy tribute to your favorite auntie. She wouldn’t want it anywhere else, probably, not that she’s able to complain.


A Heart For Your Great-Grandfather

What better way to make sure your great grandpa is never forgotten than with the universal symbol of love? Sure, no one except an intimate lover will ever see it, but it’s the thought that counts. It’s not on your heart, but it’s heart-adjacent!


The Name of Your Childhood Golden Retriever

Sandy was a part of the family and a loyal companion until the end, and you should thank him for that with a nice cursive name on your bod’s most prime real estate. Very classy.



Your Grammy’s Favorite Audrey Hepburn Quote

You’re pretty sure this Audrey Hepburn quote was your Grammy’s favorite, and you’re 98% sure “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” is an Audrey Hepburn quote. Either way, it’s your favorite quote, and it’s going on your side-boob. Just pick a typewriter-type font and you’ve got yourself the perfect aesthetically pleasing memorial.


An Infinity Sign For Your Grandfather

Because, like infinity, his memory will go on forever, or at least as long as this tribute is preserved on your boob skin. Grampy would love it, as long as he knew nothing about it.


With the right tank top and no bra, you will be able to display your undying love for your dead relatives for the world to see. And if you keep it vague enough, your one-night-stand will only see a sexy tattoo, not a reminder of the finitude of life. Cute!