Exciting New Makeup Trends To Hide The Evil That Lurks Within

Makeup trends are always changing! It can be difficult to keep up, especially when you’re busy suppressing that pesky evil force that lurks just beneath the surface, ready to overtake you at any moment. Here are this season’s most effective makeup looks for concealing those imperfections, like the evil that rots within your soul:


Colorful Eyeliner

Brightly colored eyeliner is back and bolder than ever! Spring for this strong look when you need something more powerful than the whirlpool of wickedness that is slowly devouring you from the inside. Try purple liner with brown eyes, rosy pink liner with hazel eyes, and a soft blue liner with eyes that absorb any and all light they come into contact with!



We’re so over contouring, time to try non-touring! This is a real makeup trend that is basically anything that isn’t contouring. Make sure to use a lot of makeup for this no-makeup look, otherwise there will be nothing to stop the villainous evil from secreting out of your every pore, consuming all those you’ve known and loved.



Fake Freckles

With some fake freckles dotted on your face, this sun-kissed look will blind people from seeing what’s really in there. Behind the innocence of those freckles dwells the darkness you mustn’t let them see. You must show them you are a cheery delight, not a shell of humanity used to veil a swelling void that will eventually cause you to cave in on yourself and possibly engulf the earth upon which we all depend.



Nostalgia is coming back hard for 90s babies, so put as many sparkles as you can around your eyes in flattering little designs! The sparkles will stick to your skin until the hell-wrath inevitably wins out the fight for your body, ripping through your face, shattering your bones and leaving you a shell of something that once was. Enjoy your dazzling face while you still can!


Next time you feel overcome by the blackness that simmers beneath the surface of your body, cover it up with pretty things. Changing the appearance of your face is a great way to mask the darkness that constantly lies in wait, just dying to escape.