5 Exciting Fashion Trends Your Boyfriend Will Call a Dress

With so many exciting styles to choose from, there’s never been a better time to be a woman who loves fashion! Check out these hot new fashion trends that are changing the fashion game that your boyfriend will still somehow refer to as a “dress” because he apparently only knows one item of girl clothing and has no appreciation for the effort and taste that goes into your many looks.



While we all know this is a single piece of clothing with two distinct leg holes, we can kind of understand where he’s coming from on this one. When you stand with your legs together this can definitely be mistaken as a dress. But it’s weird that he’s seen this on you in a variety of active situations and you still have to explain rompers to your boyfriend. If this is a dress then why did you bike to Cheryl’s barbecue in it on a windy day? Huh?! Does he even look at you?


Tutu Paired with a Cute T-shirt

This combination of girlish whimsy and edgy adulthood will confound your boyfriend to no end, especially in regards to it not being a dress. While you see a smart fashion throwback to your dress-up days of yore, he again somehow sees just a dress. Jesus Christ! This look has two distinctly different lines of fabric. This is clearly two different pieces of clothing. Clearly. What kind of horrendous dress do you think we would buy that has two completely different halves? What do you take us for? Add a pair of motorcycle boots for some more edge and your boyfriend will still think this is a dress because he is not a good listener, or looker. Wow. Just wow.


Peplum Shirt

Wear this sleeveless top with feminine detailing to spice up your wardrobe and confound your simpleton boyfriend! While we understand how the frills are confusing because they often go on dresses, we’re still amazed he’d think this little peplum detail makes this a dress. Like if we weren’t wearing pants under this shirt our asses would literally be hanging out with the peplum barely grazing the top of our hips. Why does he think a girl would like that?



Boyfriend Shirt

This comfy, over sized button up will add a fun, androgynous touch to your wardrobe. However if you think your boyfriend won’t think this is a dress, think again. This clothing item might as well be called “girlfriend dress” as far as he’s concerned. You really worry about him sometimes. How did he end up this way? Should you be holding his hand when you cross the street?


High-Waisted Shorts

No words here. No words. Your boyfriend’s insistence on calling this item a dress is literally bending all rules of logic. We can’t get on that level. These are shorts. Shorts with two leg holes. Like short pants, not like a dress. Sure the waist is high, and sure your girlfriend is wearing it, but that does not make it defy the laws of nature and physics. Christ on a cracker.


And there you have it! Five exciting new fashion trends your boyfriend will still call a dress regardless of how much you cry and plead. Grab these hot new staples while you can, and stay tuned for our list of cool new makeup trends he’ll refer to as “mascara”! Oof.