5 Baby Names That Also Work For Ferrets, If It Comes To That

Finding the perfect baby name can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t sure whether you’ll ever have a baby or will just settle for a ferret that you purchase during your mid-life crisis. Here are some of the trendiest names that will work great for babies and probably for ferrets, if, god forbid, it really comes to that.



Mitchell is a fun but classic choice that works for your progeny or your rodent, if you never settle down. Just imagine saying, “Mitchell, I’m proud of you,” if it’s your child, or if it’s your ferret, “Mitchell, stop chewing on those electrical wires. I’m proud of you.”



Aubrey is the perfect baby name that you’ve been doodling in notebooks since junior high school–the name you want for your daughter as you begin your quiet life in the suburbs just like you’ve always dreamed. But since your romantic prospects are getting bleaker and bleaker, it might be time to cut your losses, head to the pet store, and find your Aubrey there. You and Aubrey can still be happy. You and Aubrey will be just fine.



The popularity of this unisex baby name peaked in the 1890s, but it’s making a small comeback among parents who are looking for unique alternatives to more popular gender-neutral choices like Quinn, Avery, and Morgan. And, if you put your human baby plans aside, Merritt rhymes with ferret, which will look like you’d always planned to be childless!




It’ll be a touching tribute to your family to name your first son the family name of Edmund, or a terrible insult, to give a furry, squirmy rodent a name that has significance. Obviously a child is your first choice. It’s not like you’re trying to disgrace the family name, right? Ferrets are just practical pets.



It’s the most popular baby name of 2015 due to its classic feel, sweet nature, and melodious sound. But just because it’s popular doesn’t mean you should pass it up! You can just imagine having a graceful daughter named Emma… or a dirty little pet with a seven-year lifespan. Wow, you really want to have baby!


Picking out baby names isn’t a waste so long as it’s eventually used for something. Any of these baby names will work for your child… or your ferret. Whichever comes first.