Hmm: Santa Lets Entire World Track Him, But Boyfriend Finds It ‘Too Invasive’

In a concerning story coming out of your apartment, your boyfriend thinks that sharing his location with you is a violation of his privacy, even though that’s what Santa does every single Christmas Eve, isn’t it?




According to reports, when you brought up the idea of sharing locations with each other to your boyfriend Kyle, he wasn’t enthused.


“I just don’t see why you would need that,” Kyle said. “I’m a little uncomfortable with it. It’s too invasive.”


Hmm…that’s weird, because Santa Claus, the very honest man who gives us presents every year, lets the entire world track him through Google Santa Tracker and he doesn’t think it’s invasive at all!


However, after you reminded Kyle of this, he seemed even less willing to share his location with you.


During your argument, Kyle brought up points like, “Find My Friends is different than Google,” “I’m not Santa,” and “Santa isn’t real,” which was the most egregious statement of all.


“I just don’t understand why my boyfriend thinks his privacy is more important than Santa’s,” you said. “Maybe I should date Santa instead!”



However, your threat to leave your boyfriend for Santa Claus didn’t have much weight, because everyone knows he’s already taken.


At press time, your boyfriend has still yet to share his location, but you know for a fact that Santa is in San Bernardino, California.