Uh Oh! Funny Story Requires Traumatic Family Background

In a regrettable story out of San Diego, CA, 23-year-old Isis Bailey was about to tell her friend something hilarious, but realized that in order for them to find it funny they would also have to know about her deeply traumatic family background.


Uh oh! Looks like this conversation is going to be a whole thing.


“I was in the middle of telling my friend about how my brother recently became a ride operator at the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland,” Isis told us. “But then I realized that the news was only funny if you knew that a few years ago he cussed the whole family out and said he was going to sell his house and start a tech start-up in Silicon Valley.”




“It seemed like she stopped right in the middle of her sentence,” Isis’ friend, Helena Freeman, told us. “Which was really weird because it felt like she was just about to get to the punchline?”


“There was really no easy way to explain it all,” Isis told us. “And I just know by the end of the whole story she would just give me a pity laugh, and I’m not sure if the joke is even worth it. God, I’m already sad just thinking about it.”


“When she paused, she looked at me and asked if I had any family drama,” Helena told us. “Like a divorce, or a fight that broke out during Christmas or something, but when I told her ‘No,’ she looked really disappointed.”



Fortunately, Isis later decided to tell the news to her cousin, Bianca, who thought it was really funny.