Seduce Him With Your Rich Interior World

You know what they say: Men love a woman with an active imagination. So if you’ve already used up your usual bag o’ tricks but still have some charming to do, it might be time to introduce your guy to your favorite erogenous zone—the one your first-grade teacher called, “totally healthy at this age.” That’s right: your rich interior world. You’ve always had a vast inner life, and it’s time to use its soulful intrigue to snag that sweet D. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate your imagination into your sex life.



Flirt with your restless mind.

You’ve always had a hard time focusing in group social situations because you tend to forget which conversations actually happened and which ones you imagined while envisioning all of humanity as a giant golden web that is inextricably connected and we totally have a responsibility to be kind to each other. The good news is, this is also a great excuse to just go up to any guy and start talking to him like you know him, because in a way, you do. This deep, fearless desire to connect will give him half a chub in no time!


Envision your first enchanting sexual experience with him.

Whenever you meet a cute guy, you imagine your future together—not in a creepy way; you just find it hard to live in the present so imagining the future is pretty natural for you. After all, you know your fleeting human life will be gone in the blink of an eye—you think about it all the time! Use this tendency to envision how you’re going to get him to take you home for an otherworldly sexual experience that you both will never forget. He’ll notice the longing in your eyes, if he just takes the time to really “see” you. Yasss, introspective kween!



One word: role-play.

So, you’ve made it back to his apartment and out of your clothes. Congrats! Now it’s time to get nasty. Lucky for you, your million-miles-an-hour imagination was made for role-playing! Pirate captain and village wench? Innocent virgin and high school bad boy? Staunch skeptic scientist and his introspective, spiritual lab assistant? Your inner world is your oyster! Put that empathetic nature to good use with a good old-fashioned bout of pretend play sex. He won’t be sorry he decided to take home a regular fantasy-generator! Just don’t tell him you also fantasize 24/7, you daydream machine, you!


Wow, that sure was a hot night of lovemaking! And you know exactly whom to thank: your inventive, complex inner life. If you can’t get him with your butt, get him with your heightened awareness of your thoughts and emotions. You’ll be daydreaming and day-fucking in no time!