Uh Oh! Mom Is Cooking an Enchilada Recipe Written by Someone Named Janet

In an alarming story coming out of your hometown, your mom is finally making the enchilada recipe that she’s been talking about all week, but it’s unfortunately written by someone named Janet.


You were skeptical when your mom came home with groceries that didn’t seem that suitable for making enchiladas in the first place, but it was when you saw her open laptop while she was prepping for the meal that you fully realized her mistake.


Once you saw that the recipe was titled “Easy Mild Enchiladas” and that it was written by Janet Smith, you quickly realized it was over for you and your family.


“I love enchiladas,” your mom said. “But a lot of recipes I find online look way too spicy. That’s why I’m so glad I found this mild one because it’s way more suited to my taste.”


Looks like your mom’s taste is suited for enchiladas that use four ounces of cream cheese and virtually no spices.


Sources report that you’re not sure whether or not you should tell her that this white-washed recipe simply isn’t going to taste good.


You even tried to suggest putting some green chiles into the dish, but your mom’s mind was made up.


“I don’t want to change the recipe,” your mom told you. “What if it ruins everything?”



Little did she know that this recipe was already super fucked up to begin with.


At press time, you and your family have tried the enchiladas, and they were, as you previously suspected them to be, pretty bland.


Your mom, on the other hand, has found a new recipe for chicken tikka masala written by someone named Caitlynn.