Uh, Oh: Mom Slowly Driving Down Road With All The Pretty Houses Again   

In a shocking and upsetting turn of events according to sources deep in the Douglass family, Sharon Douglass, 48, has begun slowly driving down the road with all the pretty houses again.


The situation is ongoing and there appears to be no end in sight.



“When she turned onto Linden Avenue instead of Colby we thought she might be going to pick up some dry cleaning,” says Sharon’s daughter, Cece. “We even thought she might be picking up dinner at Subway. But when she slowed down at Exeter and turned right, we knew we were heading down that street again.”


The street in question is Lambert Road, a beautiful suburban road with deep-set homes built in predominantly American Craftsman and Colonial Revival style – “Although a lot of them have these really modern architectural additions, but done in a very seamless way” notes Sharon.


She also remarked that while the homes were quite large, they were anything but tacky.


According to her children, who are providing updates via social media, Sharon had seemed peculiarly quiet while picking them up which hinted at a few possible motivations.


“Honestly though,” says Cece, “It’s most likely she just watched Big Little Lies again and felt inspired to look at more beautiful homes.”


“In a few more years I’ll probably be able to enjoy this,” wrote Cece in a tweet timestamped at 4:23 PM. “But right now I just want to go home and watch anything other than the gorgeous lighted pathways being illuminated as twilight approaches.”


We’ll be sure to keep updating as new information comes in.