From Mom to Mom: Your Child isn’t Skinny Enough for those Skinny Jeans

Me Time for Mom:

I’m sorry, I know skinny jeans are all the rage these days, and no mother wants to see their child left out, but your child really isn’t skinny enough to be wearing them.
It’s not that I find your child’s fat offensive. Some children have bad genes or glandular problems. I wouldn’t dare to presume it’s your fault (though maybe it is?). It’s just – do you really want to showcase your child’s fat in such tight packaging?
I know it may seem hard for me to relate to your problem as everyone in my family has been blessed with trim figures. We lead healthy lifestyles and never overindulge the way some families do. It just comes naturally to us. But as an outside observer, I can say objectively that your child does not look good in those jeans and would be better off not wearing them.

They do make clothes for fat children from what I’ve seen, so there’s no sense trying to squeeze yours into normal clothes. In fact, fat children are no longer confined to sweatpants and athletic wear. I’ve seen plus-size clothing made to imitate jeans and other fashions that regular-sized people wear. Your child can be, ostensibly, just like everybody else.
My ardent advice to you, mothers of fat, unfortunate children, is to get them looser clothes, more befitting their size. It would make everyone more comfortable if you and your child accepted their size rather than trying to pass them off as average or even trendy. They’re not fooling anyone and their disproportionate self-esteem is making us all uncomfortable.