‘You Are Very Striking,’ Says Mom to Child Who Looks Just Like Her

In a display of kindness that quickly revealed deep-seated vanity, 52-year-old Jill Savetto visited her near-identical daughter Cassidy last week, remarking that she “…looks absolutely stunning today.”


“My daughter is stunning, just a drop-dead gorgeous girl. Her green eyes really pop and her hair is so dark,” says Jill, who has the same green eyes and dark hair. “Every time I see her I think, ‘Wow, what a dramatically good-looking woman.’”


Even though Cassidy has explained to her mother that they look very alike, Jill is quick to confuse her daughter’s remark as modesty.


“I wish my daughter would just own the way she looks,” adds Jill, who is constantly asked if her daughter is her sister. “She’s gorgeous! I’m sure women everywhere are jealous of that bone structure. I am!”


Cassidy’s mother is painfully unaware that her comments about her daughter are actually about how much she likes her own face.


“Jill realizes she is the spitting image of Cassidy,” says Jill’s husband, Gordon Savetto. “My genes aren’t really at play here. But whenever Cassidy gets a compliment, Jill nods and says, ‘I don’t know where that came from!’”


“My mom never compliments my makeup or my clothes,” says Cassidy. “It’s always about the things I got from her, like my eyes, my teeth or my height. Sometimes she compliments my singing voice but that’s because she taught me how to sing.”


Despite numerous attempts on her family’s part to explain to Jill that all she is really doing is complimenting herself, the mother in question denies all comparison.


“Me? And Cassidy? You think we look alike? Ha, I wish,” says Jill, sitting in front of a hung photo of Jill and Cassidy embracing, both dressed as Dorothy for Halloween.



When asked which was which, Jill responded, “Well, thank you for the compliment! But I’m clearly on the right.”


After a few moments and a long squint, she added, “Nope, nope, sorry, I’m definitely on the left.”