Weird! Over-Complimentary Friend Wants Something From You

In a totally shocking turn of events, the friend who was just assaulting you with a barrage of compliments out of nowhere does, in fact, want something from you now.


“Oh my god, your hair looks so good,” said your friend as she launched into a list of your best qualities that she wishes she had – before asking if you’d help her do her taxes.


“I wouldn’t ask anyone but you this because you’re just so good at this kind of thing and so organized,” she went on, bookending her request with more flattery about your shoes.


Despite the praise for your work ethic, intelligence, and overall gorgeousness inside and out, you were still skeptical of the task being offered to you.


“I’d do it myself, but I just can’t even figure out my passwords to get into some of these things and like what is the difference between a W-9 and W-2,” she said, simultaneously offering praise and making light of the massive chore she hoped you’d perform. “I mean obviously you know all that ’cause you’re like a friggin’ genius!”



Despite being referred to as a “badass queen”, you attempted to explain to your friend that you’re not an accountant. Your friend noted her current need for frugality and more reasons why you were just the perfect person for this tedious task.

“It would just be so much more fun to do this with you!” she said. “I’ll bring wine!”