Uh Oh! Friend on Hike Wants to Keep Going

The true strength of a friendship was tested this week when Jess Sheen’s friend wanted to “keep going” on their hike.


After trekking through the wilderness for an amount of time that any sane person would consider plenty, the pair stumbled upon an idyllic clearing where Jess suggested they stop and eat their packed lunch – but supposed friend Anna Hunter had other ideas.


“Let’s keep going! We’ll find an even better spot higher up,” said Anna.


As Jess recalls, her heart sunk hearing these words: An unmistakable indication of diametrically oppositional hiking philosophies.


“It’s our first time hiking together, so I didn’t know what I was in for,” says Jess. “To me, hiking is a leisure activity, but as soon as she said ‘let’s keep going’ with the relentless pep of a field hockey player, I realized Anna is a person who treats hiking like a sport.”



“Honestly, I’d just as soon be playing a board game in the park,” adds Jess. “We came to be outside, and we’re outside. We’re not going to win hiking.”


But Anna, who probably comes from a family who plays football together for fun, seemed intent on covering as much ground as humanly possible.


“Come on!” Anna reportedly said with boundless energy. “You don’t want to turn back already, do you?”


Jess did, but never learned the tools to handle being taunted by someone with an athletic build.


“I didn’t come here to physically exert myself,” says Jess. “I came here to look at trees.”


However, due to some unprocessed formative events in high school, Jess now felt compelled to prove her ability to complete a strenuous hike on a day off with her friend.


“Actually, yeah, let’s keep going,” said Jess. “Let’s not even break for lunch because then we can see as much as possible before the sun sets.”


“Okay, cool!” said Anna, oblivious to the inner turmoil of her companion. “This is so fun!”