Well, Ruby Tuesday Really Hit The Spot For Dad

Shocking no one with his simple American tastes, your dad savored every moment of his meal at a local Ruby Tuesday on Friday.


Your father, not one to part with his hard-earned cash, made an uncharacteristic decision to order an appetizer of Tater Totchos for the table, having been so overcome with joy to be eating at the moderately priced chain restaurant.


“Sour cream is where it’s at!” said dad, who must’ve recently heard that phrase on a sitcom.


And the meal only got better from there: For an entrée, your dad had the Hickory Bacon Bourbon Sirloin Steak and his choice of two sides.


“I love when they let you choose the sides,” he said. “I don’t wanna spend my tax return on some boring old steamed veggies I could make myself at home.”


While the rest of the fam was slightly overwhelmed by the large portions, dad was happy to pick at everyone’s leftovers.

“That’s good too,” he said of your Crispy Shrimp Platter, clearly very satisfied to provide his family with such a bounteous meal.


On the way out dad spotted the deal for the $7.99 Fajita Fiesta, and told your mom they’d definitely be back.


For her part, mom is definitely excited to throw back some two-dollar mini margaritas.


“You’re driving,” she said.


“Deal,” said Dad, stuffed to his gills.