Uh Oh! This ‘Plant Mom’ Just Remembered She’s a Real Mom Who Left Her Kid at the Garden Center

Oh no! Total plant mom Angela Chenin just made a boo-boo! After loading her new weeping fig tree into the back of her SUV this evening, Angela suddenly remembered she is, in fact, a real mom, with a child who is locked inside the now-closed garden center.


Somebody better call the Child Protective Services on this plant mom!


This total oopsie happened after Angela debated for where her new weeping fig would go in her home, ultimately deciding that the weeping fig would look great in her child’s bedroom – it was then that she realized that her human child who lives in that bedroom was nowhere to be found.


Looks like this “plant mom” win was a total “human mom” fail!



“Look, I love my son very much, but just like all moms, I’m very, very tired,” Angela said. “From taking care of all of my plants.”


While Angela made it a full 20 minutes of driving before remembering her human son, this professional caregiver to the plant world was quickly reminded when she realized the plant was strapped in the front passenger seat, where her human son would normally be asking for snacks.


“Oops,” Angela said. “Guess I better turn around.”


Experts report that Angela’s son will be in therapy for a long time.