Woman Hasn’t Seen Desktop Background in Two Years

Laptop owner Angela Johnson was struck with the realization yesterday that for nearly two years, she hasn’t seen or heard from her own desktop background.


“I’ve gotten used to having so many tabs and apps open, it never really occurred to me to check on it or see what it’s up to,” Angela said. “Honestly, I don’t even remember what it looks like anymore.”


The desktop background, which is a photo of a beach taken by her ex, has been cluttered with hundreds of files so as to remain hidden for years.


“It’s been so long, I honestly don’t even know how I’d feel if I saw it,” Angela said. “Like, would I be happy to see it? Or would I just be too stunned and kind of stare at it in fear until Chrome was updated?”



Angela has weighed the options of moving the files off of her desktop to increase the chances of a spontaneous meeting on an unexpected hard restart, but is timid about making the move.


“I kind of just want to know it’s still there,” she said. “And I want it to know that at one time, what we had was good.”


At press time, Angela was close to moving her desktop files but got distracted by a New York Times push notification on her phone.