Most Confident Friend Also Most Delusional

After years of research, a host of social scientists have finally confirmed what you always suspected: Your most confident friend is also the most delusional one.


“This isn’t like the inspiring, healthy kind of confidence we all want to have,” you said. “This is the kind of confidence that makes Tamara think she deserves to have her own memoir published at age 25.”


Tamara, your delusional friend, has also dabbled in various careers, including yoga, life coaching, and stand-up comedy.


“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I have a gift of helping people,” your friend said. “And that’s exactly why I self-published a self-help e-book on Amazon.”


With a concerning lack of experience in anything she has attempted to do, you are worried someone might eventually get hurt, or at least very annoyed.



“I have a feeling that if she had the charisma to start a cult, she would,” you said. “But I don’t even think she has that?”


After sending countless mass emails and newsletters without an unsubscribe button over the years, your friend’s delusional confidence has challenged nearly every relationship in her life.


“Shoot for the moon, and you will land among the stars,” she posted, after launching a Kickstarter to raise $250,000 for a ticket into space. “If all my friends chipped in just $500, we can get this done!”