Great Questions To Ask At A Job Interview In Case You Ever Get One

It’s important to go into a job interview prepared. That is, if you ever get a job interview, which you probably won’t. Not only do you want to be ready for any questions that are asked of you, but if you ever do get in the room with someone who has the power to hire you, you also want to have a strong offensive arsenal of questions to show them you’re serious about the position. Here are some great questions to ask in an interview if you ever actually get a nibble on the thousands of resumes you’re sending out every single day.


What did the previous employee in this position go on to do?

If you ever manage to nab a job interview, this question might give you some insight into the way the company treats its employees and what experience there is to gain from working there. If the previous employee was let go, that’s a tiny red flag, but honestly what’re you gonna do, turn down a job when it’s literally the only job you got an interview for even though you have two masters degrees? No. This is all very theoretical for a future you who has more bargaining power.


What are the prospects for growth and advancement?

Assuming you some day have the skills to land a job interview, you’ll want to make sure a potential job is right for you and somewhere you could really see a future for yourself. As opposed to now, when you see no future anywhere. Write this question down somewhere because by the time you actually get an interview, you might forget it, and instead go in there just silently pleading with your eyes.


Is overtime expected at this company?

Before you accept a job, it’s good to get an honest look at what you’re in for. If you’re actually potentially in for it. Yeah, this would probably be a good one.



What’s the most important thing I should accomplish in the first ninety days?

Show them you’re a real go-getter! If you ever get in that interview room (is that what they call it?), you will be so on your game! You’re ready for this. Just a matter of time now, right? Right??


What are the company’s plans for growth?

Show them you don’t just care about yourself – you care about the whole company. You’re in this together. Sure, right now you’re a little worried about you, because you need to pay rent and none of these places is returning your calls, but once someone shows some interest, you’ll be so there for them! You’re gonna ace this. Haha! Totally!


What is the best part of working for this company?

Show them you’re excited about working there. You won’t even have to fake this. You will be sooo excited, but mostly just relieved.


Nailing a job interview is a challenge, but it can’t possibly be as challenging as trying to get a job interview – or so you imagine. Once you do get in there though, boy will you be prepared with these questions!