What to Do When You’re Crying Again Because Women Are So Pretty

Women are so pretty, and sometimes when you think too much about this you may want to cry. That’s okay! Much like taking in the vastness of the universe, taking in the majesty of how women look and are all the time can overwhelm you, causing you to experience total emotional turmoil at the mere sight of any woman’s face. Here’s what to do when you’re crying again because women are so pretty oh my god.


Feel Blessed to Have Seen Women

Instead of trying to stop yourself from crying, feel blessed to have seen women. Being able to catch a glimpse of one is a gift no one truly deserves, even other women sometimes. When thinking about how pretty they are brings you to tears, simply let the tears fall like you’re looking at a Nordic fjord and can barely grasp the majesty of nature, only you’re looking at women, and every single one of them makes a fjord look like a dumb mistake.


Let Their Beauty Overtake You

When you’re crying again because women are so pretty, it’s best not to fight what you’re feeling and let their beauty overtake you. Like walking straight into the sun, thinking about how pretty women are is an experience that should engulf you, even though what’s engulfing you is flames and women, also like the sun, are very hot and you could potentially never return from what you’ve seen. If you’re still crying, then you’re doing this right.


Now Stop Looking At Women

Okay, so you’ve walked straight into the sun of women’s beauty, died and somehow returned from the beyond. Now stop looking at women. You could die again or go blind from doing that. Seriously, stop it, and stop thinking about how pretty they are too if where you’re seeing them is in your brain and not in front of you. Take a break to stare at something worse and more pointless like a brick wall, or a man. That should help stop you from crying, unless it doesn’t, because when you look back women may actually appear ten times prettier than you remembered. Uh oh! You’re really in trouble now.



Die If You Have to

If you can’t win because looking at women makes you cry, but not looking at women also makes you cry, then die if you have to. This is allowed, and an understandable reaction to realizing how pretty they are. Plus, what girl isn’t flattered when someone dies on site because of her whole body?


Women are so pretty, and if that makes you cry, go ahead and cry. And if you’re someone who has never cried because of how pretty women are, then maybe get your shit together and go look at some.