Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Doing ANYTHING

Women are always making decisions. If we don’t stop and think for a second, some of our choices might be completely, utterly, devastatingly wrong! The next time you think about doing anything at all, pause and ask yourself these five simple questions:

1. Will I want to write about this in my memoir?

Every woman should approach her life like it’s a movie, or at least a really good book. At some point you’ll need to write down all the details of your amazing life, so other women can learn from you. So before you raise your hand to take on that volunteer project or help out a friend moving out of their boring apartment, ask yourself whether it will make good fodder for your future book. If you don’t think it will, then just don’t do it!

2. If I were famous, would I regret being photographed doing this?

Ever notice how some celebs never seem to get caught looking anything than fabulous? In a recent interview, Renee Zellweger told us the best decision she ever made was to simply never laugh, eat, or show expression in public, for fear of what the paparazzi might catch. So next time you feel like having a good giggle or binging on office donuts, think for a second about what it would look like on camera. If you really need those donuts, enjoy them in private, you slob.

3. Is this going to make me smarter? What are the benefits of being smarter?

This is a tricky one, but it’s still something every woman needs to ask. Learning new stuff is great, but nobody likes a know-it-all. When a new learning experience presents itself, be discerning. You never want to intimidate people by having too much intelligence.


4. Is this going to make me sneeze?

Have you ever seen someone’s weirdly contorted face mid-sneeze? It’s horrifying. Sneezing compromises a woman’s dignity and needs to be stopped. Flowers, dust and human contact are the worst sneeze-inducing offenders. Make the smart choice to stay away from anything that could lead you down this disgusting path!

5. Will this make me more or less attractive to the opposite sex?

Come on, this one is a no-brainer. You may not want to have sex with everyone you encounter, but looking attractive can have additional benefits such as: people giving you things, better treatment from people, easier time finding jobs, a longer lifespan, better health insurance, tasteful furniture, more Instagram followers, and access to cuter pets! Pro Tip: only choose to do things that are going to make you look HOT!