FROM OUR SPONSORS: Bologna…For Her!™

Bologna For Her

Ladies, we know what you’re thinking: there are a lot of deli meats out there, but why isn’t there a deli meat made for me? Girlfriend, have no fear! We listened to you, and have spent tireless hours developing a deli meat that caters to the unique needs of today’s busy working woman who still wants to indulge in her feminine side.
We’ve made our bologna smaller, with an easy-grip surface that won’t chafe or irritate your smooth skin. And you can eat it too! Try new Bologna for Her™ with a light ginger mustard and a glass of wine as you relax in the tub after a long day. Nothing says, “I deserve it” like an evening spent honoring the powerful woman you are with a lightly processed, delicately constructed, tubular meat product made with you in mind.
We know you’re watching your weight, and it’s hard to choose from thousands of food products that claim to be healthy. That’s why we offer you a fun, digestible meat by-product that fits within your busy lifestyle. If you’re trying to keep your digestive tract intact, try new Bologna for Her™ Probiotic, with hundreds of live and active cultures that help keep you regular – even when your schedule isn’t!

Bologna for Her™ has a special nutrition formula made just for women, with extra calcium for your bones, Vitamin E to help keep your skin silky smooth, and bologna water to keep you hydrated all day long. Don’t let him snag your bologna snack though – cause that special formula is also known to cause prostate cancer in most rats. Hands off, boyfriend!
Check out our iPhone app to find hundreds of Bologna for Her™ recipes to keep you snacking smart!