Goals! This Woman Has a Master’s Degree She Often Forgets About

In inspiring news out of New York City, Julia Smith, who earned her master’s degree in media studies and graduated with honors six years ago, often forgets she even holds that degree.


Now that’s something we can all aspire to!


When recently asked about it in a job interview, Julia became momentarily confused.


“Oh yeah, I totally forgot all about that!” she finally said.  Julia then gave very vague answers about her experience as a graduate student, summarizing it all with, “Yeah, I was pretty much just vibing that entire time.”


This reaction came as a surprise to the people interviewing her for the job, who have become accustomed to candidates overtly bragging about their degree and going on and on in great detail about all they learned and accomplished during that time.


“It was really weird,” said Samantha Miller, the hiring manager who was excited to see that Julia had a Master’s after reading over her application. “She was actually one of our only applicants who had such high educational experience, but when we asked her about it, we started to wonder if she even got the degree at all, to be honest.”



Julia reportedly thought that she gave a pretty great answer despite not being able to go into any detail whatsoever about classes she took, projects she worked on, or even her graduate thesis.


Julia’s friends all look up to her for this incredible accomplishment as well.


“I was so proud of Julia when she graduated,” said her friend, Tabitha. “I hope someday I can get a Master’s degree that I will never think about again once I graduate. That’s my dream.”


When her friend pressed her for more details on what exactly her graduate education entailed, Julia said that she loved all the classes she took despite not being able to remember a single one of them and that her graduate thesis was crucial to helping her become the badass professional woman she is today.


When asked to describe her thesis, Julia said she thought it was maybe something about the media and how it has an impact on society, but she honestly didn’t really seem so sure about it.


No worries, Julia. You still got that degree, girl!