Nice! This Woman Lost Her AirPods So Now She Doesn’t Have to Go to the Gym

In a tragic-turned-triumphant story coming out of Chicago, IL, Lina Diep lost her AirPods as she was leaving work, and no longer has to go to the gym.


“At first, I was really sad I lost my AirPods,” Lina told reporters, “But after three minutes of searching for them, I realized it also meant I couldn’t go to the gym. So I gave up looking and got a hot dog instead. I mean, what was I going to do, not listen to Cardi B while I was running?”


The gym is often playing Cardi B from their own sound system, but she does have a point!


Sources report that while in line at the hot dog stand, Lina did briefly consider working out with just her thoughts occupying her head, but decided against it partly because it sounds boring as fuck and partly because she was up next to order.



“Honestly, I was already on the fence about working out today, so at that point, losing my AirPods was a sign from above,” she added. “The universe just did not want me to go to the gym today.”


Lina has bravely resigned herself to taking a sabbatical from the gym for the next 2-3 weeks, or however long it takes for her new AirPods to ship.


“It was either that or start watching the basketball games they play on all the screens in the cardio room. Because how else am I going to distract myself from the actual exercising part? And it’ll take way less time to get new AirPods than to get into basketball. It’s not ideal, but what else am I to do?”


While talking with reporters, Lina actually found her AirPods at the bottom of her bag. But by then she decided it was too late, and to try again tomorrow.