Finally! This Black Woman Was Told She Looks Like a Celebrity She Looks Like

After years of being compared to famous people she had no likeness to whatsoever, Letitia Franklin has finally been told she looks like Rosario Dawson, a celebrity who she actually looks like.


We’re so impressed that this woman is finally being seen for physical characteristics outside of just her race!


“Usually, people just tell me I look like whatever black celebrity they’ve just discovered or recently seen in a movie, regardless of if I truly do or not,” said Franklin. “So I’m glad that someone has finally put some thought into which black women they are arbitrarily comparing me to.”


Ms. Franklin went on to say that she’s been getting these comparisons for some time, even to people who aren’t famous.


“In college, I always got mistaken for the one other black woman on campus, even though she had glasses, different hair, and a totally different face,” she said. “These days, people say that I look like Rihanna or Beyonce. I’d be flattered, but I think those are the only black women they know besides Oprah.”


In fact, the celebrities who Franklin has been compared to are scattered across the board in terms of looks.



“I’ve also gotten Lupita Nyong’o, Zendaya, Gabby Douglas, and even Prince,” said Franklin.


But, Franklin is grateful for at last being compared to someone she truly resembles.


“I have a new black coworker, and the other day she told me I looked a little bit like Rosario Dawson,” said Ms. Franklin. “And I honestly do! It’s weird that it took another black woman to liken me to someone I realistically resemble.”


Franklin concedes that it was only her white friends that had been getting it so wrong all along.


“It’s like, can they not tell black people apart from one another?”


Seems like that would be the only justification!