Desi Woman Being Told She Looks Like MIA Again

In a recent story out of Portland, OR, it has been reported that 27-year-old Desi woman Maheen Emir is once again being told that she looks like MIA.


“I thought I heard the last of this in like, 2014,” said Maheen. “It’s honestly pretty old at this point. I don’t look anything like MIA.”


Maheen, whose recent influx in visual comparisons to MIA is likely a result of the release of the musical artist’s new documentary, went on to explain her frustration.


“This is something I’ve been dealing with since ‘Paper Planes’ blew up,” said Maheen. “And it’s always an indie white kid trying to look cultured by knowing an artist who is, at this point, pretty mainstream. But she and I don’t even resemble each other! We’re just both brown.”


“Also, I’m Pakistani and she’s Sri Lankan, so we’re not even the same kind of brown,” she added.


Maheen’s peers are torn.


“I mean, I get that just because they’re both Indian doesn’t necessarily mean they look like each other,” said Casey Freiht of his not-even-Indian friend. “But they do look alike! I’m not being racist! Right?”


“I’ve never met someone who looks more like MIA,” added Jennifer Hensley, who has never interacted with a Desi woman besides Maheen. “I think Maheen is overreacting a bit.”


“I’m white, but I’d be so flattered if someone told me I looked like Ariana Grande or something,” she added, clearly not understanding the difference.


But Maheen is positive she bears no resemblance to Ms. Arulpragasam.



“Don’t get me wrong, I like MIA and all,” said Maheen. “She’s done a lot for Desi representation in music. But she is representing us using her own face, which does not look anything like mine.”


“Now I know how my brother feels about Aziz Ansari,” she added.