Wow! This Guy Did a Beautiful Sketch of A Woman Without Her Permission

New York based artist Victor Lundton loves capturing candid moments in his drawing. In fact, just last weekend, while sitting on a park bench, Victor Lundton pulled out his sketchpad and pencil to create an absolutely breathtaking and vulnerable sketch of a woman without asking her permission. Wow!


Even though the subject of his painting was having a picnic with her friends at the time, Victor drew her in a thin, fitted silk dress gazing lustfully back at him.


If anything, Victor assumes this could only be construed as a compliment. And wow, we’re amazed!


“She was laughing and her dress was flattened out just so…I wanted to memorialize that,” says Lundton. “Anyway, what woman wouldn’t want to be sketched by a man sitting on a bench?”


Still, Victor thinks his practice of sketching this woman was not at all creepy and readily admits this isn’t the first time he’s felt inspired to sketch someone.


“I keep my sketchpad out so I can easily start drawing when I’m inspired,” says Lundton. “And I’m usually inspired when a pretty girl sits across from me on the subway or gets in line behind me at Chipotle. I’m able to capture that beautiful, introspective look because the women never know I’m sketching them and most of them never will.”


Wow – Victor finds the beauty in all women, but mostly just beautiful women!


Lundton does remember one woman, Valerie, calling him out after noticing him looking at her inquisitively and sketching her reading a book on the subway.


“Could you not draw a picture of my face? I don’t know you,” says Patel. “I don’t care if it’s a good sketch. It doesn’t even look like me, and you’ve been staring at me for 45 minutes.”



Upon hearing Patel’s reaction, Lundton seemed to only hear the part where she said his sketch was good.


“I worked really hard on that one, by staring at her intensely as she read. Sure, she was visibly shaken by it, but it was worth it because this looks just like her,” says Lundton, holding up his sketch proudly. “I keep this hanging above my bed.”


It is truly incredible that this guy doesn’t care that his actions make women uncomfortable, as long as it validates his artistic expression!


At the conclusion of this interview, Lundton was asked where someone could see his portfolio.


“Uh, my sketches are just for me. I don’t have, like, an exhibition or anything,” said Victor, before excusing himself and presumably leaving to freak more women out.


Ain’t that the artist’s way!