Amazing! This Woman Has Worn The Wrong Outfit For the Weather Every Day This Year

In an astounding display of unpreparedness, Delia Drell has managed to wear the wrong outfit for the weather every single day since the beginning of this year.


Although she could simply check the weather reports or bring an umbrella just in case, Drell has decided to try her luck anyway, even though she’s found herself shivering, cold, sweaty, or overheated most days this year.


We’re obsessed with this woman’s inability to just fucking look at the weather forecast!


“When I wake up, I am just sure the day is going to be fine weather-wise,” says Drell. “Yesterday I did notice that it was snowing but thought it was like a warm snow, so I left my house in my denim jacket.”


Coworkers close to Delia confirm that yesterday their friend was extremely underdressed for the impending snowstorm, and even though she looked cute, her teeth were chattering and her frozen, red ankles were exposed as she made her long voyage back home at the end of the day.


People close to Delia unanimously agree this is something Delia does often, despite constant worry from friends and family about her health and wellbeing.


“She wore a cashmere turtleneck on the fourth of July and shorteralls for most of December,” says Heather Krane, Delia’s close friend. “I think she almost got frostbite on Hanukkah.”



When asked for her reasoning, Delia responded: “I just really wanted to wear that sweater.”


“She just wears what she wants when she wants even though it could kill her,” says Terence Dorter, Delia’s boyfriend. “Just like…take a coat with you!”


Despite concerns from loved ones, Drell knows that her habits won’t change anytime soon.


“Every night before I fall asleep I think, ‘Tomorrow, I’ll check the weather and wear the right thing,’” says Drell, shaking her head. “But then when I wake up, I think, ‘Yeah, I can get away with a light sweater today.’”


Truly incredible that this woman thinks the weather will notice how she dressed and adjust accordingly!


At the conclusion of this interview, Drell exited the offices into a heavy hailstorm while wearing a summer dress and no umbrella.