How to Microdose Mushrooms So You Only Panic a Little Bit

Microdosing psychedelics is usually done to heighten your creativity, increase productivity, or even just brighten up your day. But wouldn’t it be even more fun if it sent you into a minor anxiety attack as well? Here’s how to find out how you can microdose mushrooms so that you panic in a micro way!


Go to a stressful and/or confusing place.

If you want a reasonable, productive high without giving up the possibility of getting randomly scared, then go somewhere stressful where there’s tons of people. Lots of great locations for this include: a grocery store, a music festival, or even a work event! Remember, panicking over your own mortality is all about set and setting!


Surround yourself with untrustworthy people.

That little microdose not scary enough for ya? Then hit up some random acquaintances and get them to do it with you! Nothing will make you moderately anxious like being around people you’re not sure you can fully trust. In this case, the more the merrier!



Instead of doing something productive or creative, just stare at yourself in the mirror.

If all else fails, you can strengthen the fear factor of your shroom microdose by not setting an intention, isolating yourself, and staring in the mirror indefinitely. You could’ve actually had a great experience making some art or even just taking a nice walk, but why do that when you can spin out of control instead?


So if you’re curious about microdosing, but don’t want to lose the psychoactive factor of thinking you’re having a heart attack, then try any or all of these tips to send you straight into a panic attack without even taking a full dose! Have a nice (scary) trip!