QUIZ: Were Traditional Gender Roles Good or Was It Good When a Single Salary Could Provide for a Family of Four?

While traditional gender roles have typically been viewed as a bastion of patriarchy and oppression, the assimilation of feminism into neoliberal capitalism has led many to question if “having it all” means liberation for women, or just more work. Deconstructing the concept of equality through a more critical lens has even led some to believe that traditionalism allows for more balance and freedom. So we can’t help but wonder: Were traditional gender roles good for our society? Or was it just good when one guy could work one full-time job and provide for a family of four? Take this quiz to find out!


What was the best part of post-WWII America?

  1. The style! The music! It was simpler times.
  2. Inflation was low and wages were high. There was actually a middle class.


What’s good about having a stay-at-home parent?

  1. It’s better for the children and tightens the bond of the nuclear family structure.
  2. Nothing inherently, but white women’s entry into the workforce has largely depended upon the domestic labor of women of color, perpetuating cycles of inequality.


Are things better for women now?

  1. No! Women are oppressed by modern feminism.
  2. In some ways, but the cost of living has increased over 100% accounting for inflation since 1960, so in many ways things are worse for everyone.


Should women go to college?

  1. It’s a great way to become more well-rounded and meet a husband.
  2. Everyone should have access to college, like white people did when private universities were affordable with part-time work!


What’s the best part of being a housewife?

  1. Fulfilling your God-given duties as a woman.
  2. Being part of a family who can afford to own one (1) house.




Mostly 1s: The only good thing about the era of traditional gender roles was that life was affordable! Everything else about this era was horrible, except Valium does seem kinda fun. Also, if you answered mostly 1s and are somehow on this page, you’re probably very lost. But we love new readers. Here’s to trad life! Try not to make it racist.

Mostly 2s: If you answered mostly 2s, you think the only thing romantic about the 60s is that wealth disparity was less severe, including across racial lines! Wow!!