Driver Assumes Every Honk on Major Roadway Directed at Her

After hearing a series of honks on the I-5 freeway, 25-year-old Angel Igwe is convinced that these and all other honks are specifically directed at her, even though there are four different lanes and hundreds of other cars around her.


“I don’t know what they want me to do!” Angel said. “Are my brights on or something? It says that they aren’t, but what if they are?!”


According to reports, Angel assumes that she must be doing something wrong because if someone’s angry on the road then it’s definitely because of her.


“One time when I was 16, I drove in the wrong lane,” Angel told reporters. “So obviously I must be doing something else wrong right now too! I mean, why else would people be honking around me? I’m wrong and bad at driving.”


Despite there clearly being another driver ahead of her who was recklessly switching lanes without a signal, Angel is still 100% sure that everyone is only angry at her specifically.



“I should have never learned how to drive,” she told us. “What a huge mistake. Honestly, I wish I could just do us all a big favor and get off the road right now, but that would probably make things even worse.”


Witnesses reported that after a while Angel actually rolled down her window and stuck her head out to apologize to her fellow drivers on the road, even though she was following all traffic laws perfectly.


“I’m so sorry everyone!” Angel said. “This won’t ever happen again. I promise! I’m so ashamed.”


According to other drivers, they had no idea what she was talking about.


At press time, Angel finally made it to the grocery store, but when another shopper said that something “smelled bad” in there, she quickly got back on the road to go buy more deodorant.