Couple Warned Against Living Together by Cab Driver

In spite of being in a stable two-year relationship, cab driver Cyrus Cobi told passengers Molly Trainor and Allan Bowman that it is “too soon” for them to move in together. “It’s not gonna be some kind of fairy tale,” claimed the Yellow Cab employee commissioned to drive the pair. “You’re gonna have a lot more to fight about.”


Cobi insisted that both Trainor and Bowman take down his dispatch number and call him at any time to talk. “You two need to really think this through before committing,” Cobi pleaded to the couple, who interjected that they could be dropped off at the fire hydrant on the right. “There’s something about having your own space that you will definitely miss.”



“Obviously, the choice is yours. But my two cents? You have a whole lifetime to live together. What’s the rush?”