Oil-Pulling With Fish Oil Produces Inconclusive Results

Fish Oil - Reductress

Oil-pulling, the ancient practice of swishing oil in one’s mouth in order to draw bacteria out and detoxify the entire body, is currently experiencing a trendy rebirth. Left and right, people are gargling with coconut or sesame oil while they make their breakfast, claiming it makes them feel better for the rest of the day. But the latest trend in oil-pulling is becoming even more popular – oil pulling with fish oil.


Self-described “health nut” Taryn Morris swears by a daily regimen of fish oil-pulling, although she’s not entirely sure why. “I think it has made my joints feel better? But my skin’s not dry anymore – at all. It’s like the oil is coming back out through my pores. I’m always slick to the touch because it’s nearly impossible to wash away.”


Many described the taste and smell of the fish oil as “horrific” and quit the practice before any long-term results could be collected. “Continual retching” is the most common experiences described, but die-hard fish oil pullers claim that it is likely to go away after a few months.



One Chicago woman was forced to stop when the smell from her mouth began attracting neighborhood cats.


When asked why she attempted in the first place, she answered, “Hey, if there’s a weird new health trend that I could be setting, I’m just gonna do it.”


Sadly, all who used fish oil did report close personal relationships ending during that time period.