Wow! This Pilates Teacher Posts Instagrams of Students Without Asking Their Permission

Pilates teacher Sara Jane Greenwich reaches roughly 22,000 followers by posting to her fitness Instagram account daily. Although she usually posts pictures of herself doing planks, bridges and splits, she recently started uploading photos of her students, without ever asking for their permission!


Way to rake in those likes, Sara Jane!


“I want my followers to be inspired by what it looks like when a novice is working on their practice,” says Sara Jane. “Also I want to get more followers and this will definitely help.”


It is so amazing that this woman is using her platform to show unflattering images of beginners without asking them if it’s okay!


Many of Sara Jane’s students still haven’t realized the photos of them are being posted publicly, while others have been made aware of the compromising photos in unfortunate ways.


“My boss came up to my desk and asked, ‘Is this you?’ It was a photo of me, all red, doing a really bad sit up,” says Courtney Ashland, Greenwich’s pilates student. “I wanted to say it wasn’t me, but it was so clearly me. Why the hell is that photo of me online?”


Ashland followed up with Sara Jane on Instagram by commenting that she wanted the photo taken down.


“I saw her comment and responded, “We all start somewhere. Don’t be ashamed of your Day 1!” says Sara Jane. “I helped her come to terms with where she is, and also got 48 likes on my comment. It was great.”


Wow, way to prioritize your brand over the comfort of one of your students!



Earlier today, Sara Jane posted two photos side by side. The first was of one of her student failing to touch her toes with an extremely visible panty line. The next was of her, demonstrating her flexibility by wrapping her hands around the bottom of her feet. Her caption encouraged her followers to come to class tonight.


“I love being such a positive motivator,” says Sara Jane. “I also love making money off of Instagram.”


You are a light, girl! Keep shining!