Read This Gross Hollywood Exec’s Incredible Apology Letter Written By A Female PR Person

In one bright spot among many horrible Hollywood assault and harassment allegations, one offending executive has put out the perfect apology, penned by his brilliant female PR person, Lisa Hughes.


“My behavior is deplorable and I confess to all the alleged behaviors,” said the disgusting exec in the words written by Hughes.


How refreshing to hear an apology that doesn’t deny any aspect of the accusations or cite a “different recollection” of events. Wow! Thanks, Lisa!


“I have done many things that made women feel uncomfortable and on many occasions I even knew I was making them feel uncomfortable at the time, but I continued because I knew I could get away with it. That and I actually kind of get off on making women uncomfortable. Many people knew about it to some extent and many enabled it, whether because they thought their livelihood was at stake or because they just wanted to get ahead at the expense of innocent women. I’d say I regret it but I’m really only saying anything because these women went to the press.”


What brutal honesty, written by a woman who was paid $195 an hour to do so!



The conclusion of the letter explains:


“I will probably never truly understand how wrong I have been, because the rampant sexism of our culture has warped my brain to see women as less deserving of respect. So no matter how much I’d like to note how I’m going to seek help and do better, you and I both know that I’m not and that I don’t really get it. I’ll actually probably just go drink beers with my powerful male friends, who won’t shun me at all, since we are still very rich. And while we’re doing that I imagine we’ll comment on women’s appearances and stuff. I mean, I am truly garbage. If the world were fair, I would never work again, but I have a feeling there might still be an opportunity out there for me down the road, to consult on a project or do a speaking event, because I’m certainly not the only one who doesn’t care enough about the wellbeing of women – and for that I am truly grateful.”