Wow! This White Woman Went to a Protest Without Posting a Selfie

Showing up for protests and causes that matter to you can be time-consuming and emotionally difficult, but they’re prime opportunities for taking pics that both make you look woke and rake in the Insta likes. But not for the incredible Julia Sharp: this 24-year old white woman recently went to a protest against gun violence and managed not to post a single selfie!


“If there’s a protest in my city, I’m going to be there,” said Julia. “I care about social issues. But I don’t need to post a selfie to prove I was there. It seems vain, and also this protest isn’t about me in any way, shape or form.”


Wow, way to not make an event protesting the deaths of thousands to gun violence about your social media clout!


Julia went on to explain her strongly-held opinions against virtue signaling.


“I see people taking pictures at the protests I attend and it’s absolutely inappropriate,” says Julia. “Sometimes they smile and I’m like, ‘Wow, you must not understand what we’re protesting here.’ It’s borderline offensive.”


Julia’s friends are amazed at her self-restraint.


“I do not know how she does it,” said Mark Reynolds, a friend of Julia’s. “To not post a selfie at a protest? How will anyone know you played the part of an activist for a day?”


“That bitch just goes to protests and tell no one,” added friend Emma Richards. “Where the hell does she get off? Seriously! I mean, it’s like she actually cares about the issues as opposed to just superficially caring for attention.”



But Julia remains confident that her presence at a protest doesn’t have a place on social media.


“I’m here to protest as an ally and not to prove to everyone I made a good sign,” she said. “My face has no place at this event. I’m here to be a body in service of the cause.”


Wow, honestly, who do you think you are?