Wow! This Woman Was a Childhood Double Dutch Champion But Can’t Jump Into This Conversation

Many people have talents that benefit them in multiple areas of their lives. But not so for 29-year-old Joy Pierson: despite her former career as a childhood double dutch champion, she was reportedly unable to jump into this conversation!


Wow! It’s incredible that Joy was able to time out the intricate art of jumping between two swinging ropes as an eight-year-old, but can’t jump into the conversation a group of her peers is having now at this housewarming party.


“I don’t know what happened,” said Joy. “I saw a group of acquaintances having a conversation and I moved to the outskirts, awaiting my opportunity, but I just couldn’t jump in.”


Joy went on to insist that this conversation was utterly impenetrable.


“I saw my friend Ryan and tried to make eye contact with him,” said Joy. “I really thought he’d be my way in, but he just smiled and nodded at me, then kept listening to the current speaker in the circle. Totally ruthless.”


A third party witness corroborated Joy’s account.


“I saw it go down from across the room,” said Maxine, another party guest. “Joy was standing sort of right outside the circle, and I noticed that she opened her mouth to speak a couple of times, but her timing just wasn’t right. It was brutal.”


“Sorry, what?” said party attendant Penny Wright. “I didn’t even know Joy was there. She easily could have just said something.”



We’re amazed that Joy rose steadily through the ranks of the Illinois double dutch competitive circuit in the 90s, but couldn’t jump in with a well-timed contribution to this relaxed conversation among friends.


But Joy doesn’t think the incident was necessarily her fault.


“I really failed this event and am hoping I can get back up and really prove myself next time,” Joy admitted. “I tried to laugh loudly at appropriate times in order to make my presence known, but to no avail. I wish there were ropes involved. I just get ropes.”


“It was simply impossible,” claimed Joy. “I think they all went to college together or something. It was probably about some specific shared memory.”


They were talking about the weather, Joy!