Finally! This Woman Found a Man That Doesn’t Look Like Every Member of Her Family

Every woman has a type when it comes to dating. For Rachel Fishman, the type of man she’d been attracted to hit just a little too close to home. But, after a tireless search and hundreds of dates, Rachel has found a man that works for her: this brave woman is finally dating a guy that does not look like every member of her family!


Rachel, who had been dating men that look like her dad, brothers, and uncles for over 25 years, is more than relieved that she’s at last found one who doesn’t appear to have fallen from the same family tree.


“I spent so long scrolling through dating apps and meeting guys at bars,” said Rachel, “But they all looked like they could be related: to each other and to me. It was months before I got a message back from someone who didn’t.”


Rachel went on to explain her struggle.


“Everyone in my family is short and brunette,” Rachel said. “And almost everyone I swiped through looked the same. My new man, Peter, has blond hair, green eyes, and is 6 ft tall, so I feel like the chances of us showing up at the same funeral and realizing we’re actually cousins are pretty small.”


Wow! We’re simply amazed that it took Rachel so long to reach out to a man who couldn’t possibly be her long-lost brother!


Family and friends who have been on this journey with Rachel are thrilled that she has finally found with a man that doesn’t look like every other man invited to Thanksgiving this year.



“We’re just so happy that the hard work Rachel put in to find a nice guy who doesn’t look like us has finally paid off,” added Rachel’s dad, Mark Fishman. “It was beginning to creep the whole family out.”


“Rachel had to work really hard to find Pete,” remarked Chelsea Francis, a longtime friend. “It truly should not be this hard for someone to date a person that does not look like a family member. She should actually maybe go to counseling a figure out why she does?”


However, it appears that Rachel might be back on the market sooner rather than later.


“My attraction to Pete is admittedly fading,” said Rachel. “But I’m worried it’ll be ages before I find another guy in this town who doesn’t look exactly like my cousin Ted.”


Non-white guys do exist, Rachel!