Wow! This Woman Only Respects the Gender Non-Conforming Identities of People She Likes

In an impressive display of being a kind of shitty person, Chicago resident Aiden Parker has a marked track record of only respecting the pronouns and identities of gender non-conforming people she likes.


“I first noticed Aiden do this when we were complaining about a mutual friend,” said Sasha Thompson. “I was down to talk some shit because they’re kind of the worst, but then Aiden referred to them by their assigned at birth pronoun.”


“I get that people slip up sometimes, so I corrected her,” continued Sasha, “But later in the conversation she did it again and at that point I was pretty sure she meant it as some kind of insult.”


Yikes! It’s fascinating that Aiden feels honoring someone’s identity is a favor reserved only for those who have done no wrong in her eyes.


Sasha is not the only person to notice Aiden’s tendency to misgender people she is annoyed with.


“I broke up with my partner who Aiden knew for months and always referred to with they/them pronouns,” said Aiden’s friend, Quinn Lansing. “And as soon as I told her we ended things she was like, ‘Oh, I never liked her anyway.’”


It sure is inventive for Aiden to take a page out of the book of the dominant culture and misgender people as a form of punishment! How does she think of this stuff?!


When asked directly about her habits, Aiden seemed unsure of where she stood.


“No, I don’t think I’ve ever done that,” said Aiden. “But at the same time, like, respect is a two-way street.”


Wow! Another confusing and troubling statement from Aiden.



“I guess it’s pretty fucked up that Aiden sees having your gender identity respected as a privilege and not a right,” said Quinn. “Especially since it indicates an underlying belief that non-binary people are, in reality, the binary gender correlated to their sex.”


We guess it is pretty fucked up too!


“Damn,” added Quinn. “I think I need to stop hanging out with Aiden.”


Bye, Aiden!