Wow! This Bloody Mary Comes With A Sephora Gift Card On Top

With brunch quickly becoming an institution, restaurants have pulled no punches when it comes to making the weekend ritual a dazzling event. But a Los Angeles brunch spot has taken it to the next level: Their signature Bloody Mary comes with a Sephora gift card on top!


“I was expecting some olives, maybe even a strip of bacon or something,” said Rachel Tweed, a brunchgoer. “But this takes the cake. Now I can get day drunk and immediately go out a buy a bold new lip color. I never would think to otherwise!”


While many eateries have gotten creative with their Bloody Mary fixings, the choice to top this popular brunch drink with a fully-loaded gift card to the nation’s most well-known makeup retailer has turned heads.


“I’ve had Bloody Marys topped with cocktail shrimp, mozzarella sticks, even whole chicken wings,” said Quinn Delaney-Hoffman, another frequent bruncher. “No place has ever even come close to this.”


“It’s like they know exactly what the young brunch demographic needs after two-and-a-half hours of bottomless drinks and eggs benedict: a high-viscosity lip gloss.”


“Our business has doubled, maybe even tripled,” said Harry Thynes. “We’re selling Bloody Marys on Tuesday evenings, Saturday nights. I personally think we’ve revolutionized the brunch drink game.”



“It is…it is getting a little expensive,” he added. “You do have to pay for the gift card.”


The Sephora representative we spoke to refused to comment on the situation directly, but did make it clear that “this is not an official collaboration” and that “many local Sephoras are being wiped out of gift cards.”