Thoughtful Gifts to Buy Yourself Before Getting Everyone You Know a Gift Card

It’s almost the holidays, and you know what that means: time to think very carefully about presents to give to yourself and then give everyone you know gift cards because you didn’t spend enough time thinking about what they might like. Since nobody knows you like you, here are the most thoughtful gifts to get for yourself while everybody else gets $25 to Chili’s.


Steve Madden Pink Velvet Thigh-High Boots ($150)

These stretch-velvet visual wonders are the perfect gift for someone you love if that someone is yourself. You deserve it! You’ve been dreaming about these boots the whole time your sister was talking about whatever things your niece wants for Christmas. Pair these babies with a charming little black dress, pull them up as high as they’ll go, and feel good about yourself this holiday season. Snag one of those conveniently placed gift cards at the register so you can cross your adorable nice off your list! That was easy.


Subscription Service ($10-$50/month)

There are so many subscription services where companies send you samples or treats once a month. It’s a great gift if you want to get your friend something they love, but also let them try new things all year. But it’s a better gift for you to try new things this year, so maybe get one for you and one for Jane. Except these things are kind of expensive, so maybe one for you and a free month trial plus a gift card for Jane? She’ll love it because she will never know that you were considering getting her a great gift and settled for this instead. This can be your one little self-splurge, plus it’s a win-win!



Cooking Lessons Together! ($300)

Your mom loves to cook and so do you, so some joint gourmet cooking lessons is the perfect thing for you guys to enjoy together. Or maybe you can convince her that this is a great gift for you and she’ll buy it for you for Christmas, and then buy herself one. This way, she’s still getting to enjoy the lessons, plus you can still get her that same Ann Taylor gift card you get her every year that she doesn’t use. It’s double the presents! Plus you still have leftover money now to splurge on yourself. Wow, you are so good at gift giving.


Handmade Quilt of Your Sister’s Memories ($120)

You commissioned some magical Etsy fairy to create a quilt made entirely of pictures and special articles of clothing of your sister’s life. It’s beautiful and she would love it, but it’s actually very comfortable and you love comfortable things soooo… yeah, this is now a gift for you. Your sister will see it as a sweet way for you to always keep her near you. Now get out from under the comforter—you need to go to the Target checkout line and randomly pick ten $25 gift cards from different places and figure out which of them belongs to which person in your life that you love dearly.


The holidays are always filled with pressure, but go easy on yourself. You deserve whatever you decide you deserve and people will love and appreciate their gift cards even if they end up sitting in their wallets until they expire. Happy giving!