Overachiever Alert! This Woman Sent Two Emails Today

In an inspiring demonstration of hard work and true discipline, Oakland resident Margie James has reportedly sent her second email of the day.


Wow! Way to go above and beyond by doing more than one thing today!


Despite the fact that Margie is a sales rep for a leading online pharmaceutical company, she claims that she sends a maximum of one email per day, and admits some days she sends none.


“I spend a lot of my workdays drafting emails and trying to bring myself to send them,” says Margie. “Two in a day? That’s a record for me. It seems like it’d be a record for anyone! I feel very accomplished.”


“But also, people better not expect me to operate at this high-performance level from now on,” she adds.


After noticing that Margie sent two emails, her coworkers were quick to admire her productivity.


“Margie literally doubled her output today,” says coworker Willa Patel. “This is huge for the sales team. We’re gonna see record numbers this month.


“I’m happy for her,” says Simon Bartman, another coworker. “But I’m frankly a little worried that I might get fired for not ever being that productive. She’s a powerhouse.”


And Maggie is basking in the confidence of a job well-done.


“The second email I sent was even more complex than the first,” says Margie. “I had to BCC two people. I’m really proud of myself.”


“But tomorrow, my plan is to send in one invoice, do 3 FuzzMeat quizzes then take my usual 2-hour lunch break,” says Margie. “I don’t wanna overdo it.”


“Sometimes success is more special when it only happens once,” adds Margie.


Keep doing you, Margie!