Wow! This Woman Got a Haircut and Didn’t Cry Until She Was out of the Salon!

Professionals recommend that you get a haircut every three months to keep your ends healthy. But getting a fresh style can be an emotional experience. Just ask 25-year-old Stamford resident Grace Anaclerio, who was bravely able to power through watching her gorgeous locks fall to the floor and not cry until after she left the salon!


Wow! We’re simply amazed that Grace was able to control her emotions for the few minutes she spent taking her robe off and paying for her cut!


Anaclerio recently went to Tina’s Trims to get two inches cut off in preparation for a job interview. She never expected that she’d experience the devastating feeling of an unplanned extra half inch being chopped off.


“I’m not sure anyone will ever be able to understand the trauma I felt in that moment of seeing more hair cut off than I asked for,” said Anaclerio sniffling. “But I’m nothing if not an incredibly strong woman, so I was able to hold it together until I got outside and past the salon’s storefront.”


Good job, Grace! Your strength is astounding!


Sources confirm that when Anaclerio reached the end of the block, she burst into tears and ran to her car where she would spend 20 minutes looking in the mirror while flipping her hair from one side to the other.


Friends of Anaclerio reported receiving anywhere from 12-16 snapchats of the new haircut, her face tear-stained in each one.

“She was fully sobbing in every picture,” said roommate Mary Elizabeth. “But also posing with pouted lips, asking if I liked the way it was layered. I’m just impressed she was able to pay without having a full breakdown in front of the receptionist.”


Grace’s perseverance is a testament to her strong will and easygoing nature.


“I literally start panicking the moment my hairdresser does the first cut,” said coworker Jenna Anderson. “Grace is role model for us all!”


Needless to say, we’re blown away by Grace’s emotional endurance! Keep it up girl, and sorry about the bad haircut!