Wow! This Woman Epilated Her Feet Until There Was Nothing Left

In this age of Photoshop, Instagram models, and Kardashians, confidence in your authentic self can be hard to come by. But one woman has revealed her beauty secret that can make anyone – yes anyone – look and feel great. Beauty kween Abby Jones scraped the dead skin off of her heels until there was absolutely nothing left! Not even bones. Go Abby!


Yes, everything from her toes to her ankles is gone and now it’s just bloody strips of skin! Wow!


Abby says she has dealt with dry skin for as long as she can remember, especially in the winter months. It made her feel completely self-conscious. But now she can go shoe-free with no worries, and just a little blood gushing out of what used to be her ankles.


Yes! Her secret to smooth, baby-soft heels is to just scrape it all away until not even the bones remain. Amazing!


“The other day I was really going to town with my Ped Egg and kind of just kept going,” said Abby. “It was a little painful at first, but now the dead skin is gone for good and so is my insecurity! And I guess both of my feet too, but it’s a small price to pay.”


Break out those wedges, Abby!


As layer after layer of dead skin, normal skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones started to fall away, Abby felt totally reborn. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked down to see that her dry, dead skin was finally totally gone.


“I just have little stubs at the end of my legs now, but at least there’s no dead skin,” said Abby.


Yas, footless guuurrlll!



Abby has found that her life quickly improved in other ways after epilating her size-9 feet into a bloody, fleshy mess: shoe shopping is a breeze, and she basically looks good in anything.


“Everyone is so jealous of how cute and dainty my feet look, and I just tell them my trick is that I don’t have any! I’m free!!!”


Wow, Abby is definitely a beauty icon for the ages. She has shown us that desperation, with the right amount of pressure and a high pain tolerance can turn into something beautiful and extremely bloody!


Keep inspiring, Abby!