Inspiring! This Woman Won’t Even Pry into Her Own Life

29-year-old Ally Pribush has always been a staunch advocate for privacy and maintaining personal boundaries. In fact, Pribush cares so much about setting personal boundaries that she won’t even pry into her own life.


“I respect all people, including myself,” she says. “I don’t feel comfortable prying into my own life because what if I don’t want myself to do that! I need to respect my right to stay out of my own business.”


Pribush’s relentless dedication to knowing absolutely nothing about herself beneath the surface that has left her essentially devoid of personality or substance, but that hasn’t stopped her from keeping a healthy distance from her own daily goings on.


The 27-year-old has no idea what she does for a living and only the faintest idea of where she might live. But she dare not crack her own code.


“I’m pretty sure I live somewhere in Fort Greene, Brooklyn,” she says. “But I’ve never asked exactly where. That’s private.”


Pribush has adamantly refused to poke her nose into her own business and is basically the human equivalent of a sensory deprivation chamber.


“Ally’s cool because she doesn’t ask questions or even really listen to herself,” said Gina Birch, a longtime friend of Pribush. “One time I told her that I was curious to know about her parents and she told me she’s actually always wondered the same thing.”


But other friends are less enamored by Pribush’s unwillingness to divulge basic facts about herself.



“I’ve stopped asking her even the most basic questions about herself, like, ‘What’s your favorite color?’ or ‘Where did you grow up?’ or ‘Is that your car?’ said another friend, Jessica Breakstone. “She usually just shakes her head and puts her hands up and says, ‘That’s not for me to know.’”


Even Pribush’s daily routine is inspired by her holistic approach to not making anything about her: she won’t ask herself what she wants for breakfast, whether she’s feeling under the weather, or literally what’s going on in any aspect of her waking life.


Naturally, being so coy with herself has made it hard to date.


“Yeah, it’s sort of hard to meet guys when you’re so strict with boundaries,” she says. “But I do want to meet the right guy and settle down some day. I think I want kids. But also, I don’t know. I’ve never asked.”


Keep on inspiring us Ally!