Dude Corner: Plan B Should Be Free, Which Is Why I Refuse to Pay for It

Dude Corner

Wassup, playas! Dude corner here, and I just wanted to say my piece about women’s reproductive health rights, because as a feminist, I know that they are like, a super important way for chicks to keep wanting to bone. That’s why I wanted to say that Plan B should absolutely be free – and until it is, I will never, ever pay for it.


The way that our government is trying to repeal Roe v. Wade right now is sooo fucked up, my dudes. I hate it, like, so much. If Republicans are so concerned with preventing abortions, maybe they should put time and money into preventing unwanted pregnancies! At least that’s what my mom told me once. Anyway, that’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to stand up for what’s right, and that for me that’s refusing to pay for even so much as half of a Plan B pill, because that is morally unjust and also I just lost my last 20 bucks on a bad play in DraftKings which is also super unfair to me personally.


Anyway, why should I pay for something that all women should already have access to?


Don’t get me wrong – I’m okay with paying for other things though! I’m always down to pay for a girl’s salad or whatever on the first date, but anything after that just seems a little unconstitutional if you really think about it.


Like, seriously, $50 for a pill? I could buy ten packs of condoms for that same price, even though I never buy those because they feel weird.


I haven’t been to any women’s marches or whatever, but I do believe in my right to protest, especially economically.


Obviously, the government is going to listen to us if we stop spending money, and the first thing on their minds is whether your buddy here is buying the loads and loads of Plan B he would be buying if it cost zero dollars.


So if you’re also a dude who’s tired of paying for Plan B because it reminds you how backward and corrupt our country is, then I would highly suggest just refusing to pay for it until things magically change. While it hasn’t exactly done anything to make Plan B free yet, it’s still important to take a stand!



Also, could I borrow 20 bucks? I just need it for a thing.