Don’t Freak Out! This Woman Is Crying But It’s Not That Big of a Deal

In confusing news coming out of New York City, 23-year-old Sasha Williams is crying at a party but she doesn’t want it to be a whole thing because it’s really not that big of a deal.


Okay, girl, whatever you say!


“I think I’m just PMSing, honestly,” Sasha said between sobs. “Or maybe I’m ovulating? Or getting my period? Whatever it is, I’m actually not even that sad right now. Don’t look at me!”


No worries, queen!


Witnesses report that despite asking her what was wrong, they were discouraged by Sasha hiding her face with her hands and talking over them by saying “I’m seriously having such a great time, though! Really, guys!”


However, when some of the party guests pressed her harder, she gave a very candid response.


“I’m just kinda overwhelmed I guess,” Sasha said. “Like, I had a rough day, but it has nothing to do with anyone here or the vibes of this party! Please, everyone keep enjoying themselves! By asking me about it you’re making it even worse!”



Yes, legend! Everyone else needs to calm down!


According to reports, Sasha kept trying to participate in the festivities by pouring everyone’s drinks and blowing party horns, despite tears clearly streaming down her face.


“I really don’t want to be a party pooper,” Sasha said. “I’m fine, really! I seriously don’t even know why I’m crying right now.”


When asked why she wanted to stay at the party when she was obviously emotional, Sasha was quoted saying, “I really don’t wanna take the attention away from the housewarming. Oh my god, wait, that’s totally what I’m doing right now. Fuck,” and then crying some more.


At press time, Sasha reports that she had an amazing time at the party, even though she still can’t stop crying.


“Don’t even worry about it though,” she said. “I’m just a really emotional person, especially when I’m being interviewed or trying to have fun.”


Good luck out there, emotionally confused icon!