Wow! This Woman Took So Many Napkins From Chipotle She Opened a New Chipotle

In entrepreneurial news coming out of Scottsdale, AZ, 27-year-old Aubrey Tsai took so many napkins when grabbing her burrito bowl from Chipotle that she opened a brand new Chipotle location.


“I always grab extra napkins when I go to Chipotle,” said Aubrey. “Usually they just accrue in a little mountain at home, but today when I looked down at my double-fisted stacks, I realized – why not? That’s like, most of the overhead costs.”


The new franchisee said opening a Chipotle was the rational next step after seeing how many Chipotle napkins she had at home.


“Really, the only logical reason to have this many Chipotle napkins in one place is if that place is a Chipotle. So I just turned my apartment into a Chipotle, and business is booming!”


Despite the new influx of people coming and going in an orderly line through their home, Aubrey’s roommate reports that they are thrilled at this turn of events.



“We haven’t paid for napkins for years, thanks to Aubrey’s stash,” said roommate Christine Mendoza. “But even with two of us using them, it was nowhere near making a dent to the amount of Chipotle napkins Aubrey had. Thank goodness she found a good use for them! And now there’s also a Chipotle near us!”


Sources report that the entrepreneur is looking into other businesses to open based on the influx of serving ware she has been seen grabbing from various restaurants.


“I saw her take almost the whole box of straws at McDonalds,” said one friend who got lunch with her last week. “Which isn’t too unusual, given that she always grabs that many despite only having one drink. But since the Chipotle she opened is doing so well, maybe she’s looking into opening a McDonalds too?”


When prompted on her future franchise horizons, Aubrey neither confirmed nor denied her upcoming plans, but maintained that the amounts of serving ware she grabs are normal amounts for any diner.


“Sure, sometimes I grab a few more Chipotle napkins than necessary and I just happened to have more than enough to open a completely new Chipotle, but you never know when you’ll need some extras! Same goes for straws, ketchup packets, mayo packets, utensils, those little single-serve butters, and coasters at bars.”


As of press time, Aubrey’s roommate confirmed that Aubrey had enough of all the items listed above to open several chain restaurants.