Kind of Sad? Friend Who’s an Engineer Still Uses Stuff She Learned in Math Class

In pretty depressing news out of Charlotte, NC, you found out that your friend Pilar, who is an engineer at a local start-up, still has to use things that she learned in math class, even though she graduated from high school ten years ago.


That’s sort of tragic, sweetie!


According to our sources, you and Pilar both went to high school and learned math subjects such as algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry, but only one of you has to remember all of those formulas and use them on a regular basis like a teenager.


That’s right, it’s Pilar! Pray for her!


Even though she reportedly “loves her job”, every weekday Pilar is still forced to use different mathematical formulas that she should have forgotten once she hit her 20s, like the Pythagorean theorem, and how to find the distance between two points on a graph.


Just heartbreaking…



However, Pilar seems to think that her upsetting fate isn’t that bad, which makes it even worse.


“I don’t think it’s sad at all,” Pilar said. “It’s my job, and it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was 13 years old. Plus, I’m actually getting paid a lot to do it.”


Despite Pilar clearly being in denial and getting paid to solve math problems all day, her concerned friends still aren’t sure if what she’s doing is worth it.


“It’s saddening to say the least,” one of Pilar’s high school friends, Sierra, said. “I always had high hopes for Pilar. Back when we were in high school math class, I thought none of us would ever use the quadratic formula again, but I guess I was wrong. I still wish her the best though.”


Hopefully she’ll find something better to do with her life, but for now, Pilar is still clocking in at her job which is essentially a grown-up math class. She might not yet realize her mistake, but it’s definitely bumming everybody else out.